Photo by Fotografie Lexooo

Fantastical fire dance 

Looking for exciting tricks and stunts with burning props? With my fire shows I bring a heat to your event by dancing closely among the flames. From hula hoops to flaming costumes and from poi spinning to staff dance: I’m known as a fire artist who’s highly developed in many form of flow arts. I’m specialized in difficult tricks and surprising special effects. That’s why I can guarantee you a unique fire show full of spectacles. With an eye for detail, a heart for beauty and a creative brain I offer extraordinary fire shows for your event.  

Good to know: I not only offer solo acts, but also multiple person choreographed shows with the best in the business.

Fire shows

In this video you will get a taste of my solo fire show with Hula hoops and the so called dragon staff.

Thanks to my dance group Lights in Motion featured here, for the amazing group shows I got to be a part of!

Fire Photography

As a experienced model I love doing fire photoshoots alot! Lightpainting is an extrodinary way to display and accentuate fire, as you can see below! Browsing through these photo's you will also find alot of my mostly self-made costumes that I can use for your special fire show!

Fire costumes

In this video I show specifically my "fire goddess" costume, designed and (mostly) made by me. With this act, I raised awareness of the forest fires in the Amazon. Nowadays it’s more important than ever to draw attention to climate change and contribute to a healthier world. 

See my Video's page or visit my Youtube channel for all my fire video's!

 Ready to feel the heat?