Photo by Scotti Photography

Underwater artistry

Underwater movement is so hypnotic, the perfect fit if you want to amaze your audience with something unique. For almost four years, I have offered underwater modeling shoots, workshops and acts. And to be honest: it’s my favorite form of movement art! Not only because I have a special affinity with ocean conservation, but because I feel absolute freedom peace of mind when I’m in the water. 

In 2023 I got my PADI Advanced Mermaid certification, after doing a challenging open water exam and learning everything there is to know about ocean and freediving safety.


Underwater fashion model

Bored of all those standard images? I’ve got something for you!

Striking a pose underwater is challenging and very physically demanding, just watch the new Netflix docu-series "MerPeople" for an insider look into this new artform and community. After years of training I safely say I  create extraordinary underwater results, often thanks to my own handmade underwater costumes.

Photo by Rob Aarsen

Underwater portfolio

Browse through this photo album for my best underwater work to see my style, costumes and most of my mermaid tails on offer. Do contact me if you'd like to buy or use an image. Or even better, let's get together and make a unique shot together!


Learn underwater modeling

If you are interested to learn underwater modeling or photography, visit UW shoots to book a workshop with me and experienced UW photographer Rob Aarsen.

Underwater dance

Movement art is the red threat throughout my work and life and it takes on new shape and form underwater. Most of us know how to swim efficiently, but have you ever watched our instinctive, dare I say, frog-like movement in water? It takes time and reflection to learn graceful movements under water, to maintain a relaxed an comfortable attitude whilst holding your breath. Being nearly blind and deaf in water, diving up and down, controlling your gown or costume, sometimes in very low temperatures... Underwater dance and modeling is not easy, to say the least. But I have always eager for a challenge, and willing to go above and beyond for mesmerizing results!


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