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Dancing with lights

Looking for a light show that brings your audience into a trance? Here it is! I turn darkness into light by creating an upbeat and flashy atmosphere that feels and looks good. With the latest LED dance prop technology, graceful movements and handmade costumes, I make sure your event will be one to remember. 

Based on your desires, I create light shows that suit your theme and your audience. I use colorful patterns that change to the music and create visual mandala and flower effects in the sky. Hula-hoop dancing is often the main element in my act since it is my strongest discipline. Interested? Together we’ll determine what light tools and LED costumes fit you and your audience best! 

Good to know: I not only offer solo acts, but also multiple person choreographed shows 

Magical and futuristic acts

In this video  I proudly show you my choregraphed light act "lightening" in which I use the latest LED technology and high-level flow art skills. This show is fully programmed and timecoded, so  patterns and colors change to the music and accentuate my movements, creating a futuristic and magical effect!


Not to overwhelm you but... take a look at all these different props and costumes! With the right settings a 'lightpainting' effect takes place, creating mesmerizing pictures. It also gives you a better idea of what dancing with light looks like to the naked eye. Video can't fully capture the tracers and patterns I leave in the air when dancing. All these tools and costumes are owned or even created by me, and thus available for bookings and shoots.


LED Flow arts 

In this video you get a glimpse of my full repertoire with all the LED equipment and light costumes I have in store. The disciplines you see here are all part of the circus style called Flow arts. The combinations are so varied, what enchants you the most?

Themed light shows

This video shows a themed act with my smart hoops and fans. I can program these to show specific colors and pictures to fit any theme. Combined here with one of my many costumes, I created this act specially for a Halloween show with Moving Fire Arts.

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