Photo by Celeste Veurman

The Mermaiding trend

Mermaiding is making waves all across the globe! People of all ages are learning to swim in high quality fins and are creating groups (aka Pods) to meet up and swim together. What started out as an awesome hobby is now one of my biggest passions! For many these swimmable mermaid tails make a childhood dream come true. The look of astonishment on children and adults alike when they come in contact with me tells me magic is still very much alive in our hearts.. The mermaid community is super welcoming and inclusive, and since I initiated the first ever Amsterdam pod meeting in 2018, we meet up regularly! This is not an easy artform, just watch the new Netflix docu-series "MerPeople" for an insider look into this new hype and lovely community! 

Choregraphed mermaid performance for 50 years  Hoog Catharijne Mall.

With colleague Mermaid Liara

Mermaid tails

There are different kinds of swimmable mermaid tails. Fabrics tail, made from swimwear or scuba fabric and printed with colorful designs. And there are silicone tails, handcrafted to size and painted in unique designs. Silicone tails have a more realistic look with 3D scales and fins that move in the water like a real ocean creature's would. The thick silicone "skin" covers the knees and ankles successfully. Where children get lost in the fantasy with most fabric tails, most adult are more impressed with a silicone model. 

I cannot express you how happy and grateful I am to posses this state of the art, highly realistic, silicone mermaid tail.  Designed by me, created by PicSew, my tail 'Sarina' is truly one of a kind.

Mermaid entertainment

Did you every think of a real mermaid in your line up?  If you are organizing an event with a pool or lake, you are in luck! I’ll entertain your audience by swimming gracefully around and looking completely at home. See this video for a pool act demonstration. 


Tank performance

Even more mesmerizing is an underwater performance. A glass tank or aquarium allows for a close up view of the beautiful flowy movements underwater. Contact me for the possibilities of renting and placing a beautiful glass water tank, and give your audience something truly unique!

No water? No problem!

So called 'dry acts' come in many forms, for example an aerial act in tissue, hoop or trapeze. Such a circus style act can bring the feel of an old time freakshow or a high-end 'Las Vegas show' depending on the style and costume.

A mermaid also looks great on a swing, throne or blow-up shell, and can really interact with the audience this way. Supported by 8 years of theater and acting experience "Mermaid Elvee" can take you to a magical world in character.

Aerial tissue act

Mermaiding for Ocean conservation

This underwater video project is about coral conservation, a subject very close to my heart. It was made at an underwater art sculpture that supports coral regrowth in Gili Meno, Indonesia. Together with UW videographer Audita Harsono we dived down and shot these images sharing his compressed air equipment. 

Want to see more? Visit the Video's page for all UW footage!

Mermaid tail collection

View my mermaid tail collection, and pick you favorite for your event!

Here you will also find my favorite shots of the underwater photoshoots I have done over the years.

Ready to book a real mermaid?